Team Fortress 2 update vanishes invisible players and “tiny red sentries”


The TF2 dev team say that last night’s patch showed the door to players made invisible by a bug, though I can’t imagine how they can be sure. I mean, as long as they stay quiet and keep to one of the many nooks and crannies that litter Gold Rush and Dustbowl, they can more or less stay as long as they like, can’t they?

Also gone for good is whatever cog in the Mann vs Machine engineer bots’ brains that caused them to build disposable sentries which, in time, blossomed into “tiny, red, level 3 sentries”. Mystifying.

Elsewhere, Valve have filled in a hole in Mvm_Bigrock’s terrain, and fixed an issue with four weapons – the Festive Axtinguisher, the Disciplinary Action, the Wanga Prick and the Wrap Assassin – all of which sometimes hovered a couple of feet above the ground long after their owners’ deaths.

And finally, a couple of community scripting requests have been answered, which you can read all about here.

If you’re an invisible player, or know somebody who suffers from the affliction sometimes diagnosed as an ‘opacity deficiency’, why not get in touch?