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TF2 Mixup 5: What happened when Day[9], Yogscast and Tay Zonday opened fire for charity


Remember that day in early December, when you paused during breakfast? As the milk dripped sullenly from your spoon, you became acutely aware that something terribly exciting was going on elsewhere, and were momentarily inconsolable that you weren’t part of it.

That something was TF2 Mixup 5, a charity match featuring the noisy deaths of Yogscast, TF2 creator Robin Walker, pro gamer PYYYOUR, PC Gamer’s Evan Lahti and several other internet culture notables. It also featured Star_, who commentates this new video of the Mixup’s first round.

The 9-on-9 match was in aid of Doctors Worldwide, the charity which works to provide sustainable medical relief and health-based development programmes in emergency situations throughout the world.

My personal highlights? Robin Walker waving his trademark flaming sword about indiscriminately, and Tay ‘Chocolate Rain’ Zonday going in Heavy at a cart bottleneck to singlehandedly break the Blu team’s advance. What are yours?