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Valve puts out a call for Halloween themed TF2 items


Halloween is creeping up on us in a frankly comical manner that stopped being scary around the time that technicolour started being used in films. But nonetheless, the goofy scarefest is an excuse for Valve to put out a big update for Team Fortress 2, which allows it to be just about as silly and comical as it wants to be. But to do the update, they need input from the community, so they’ve put out a call on the Team Fortress 2 blog for their incredibly productive community to start making scary items for them to include in the update.

Even if you’re not creatively minded, you can always rate the items on the workshop, which pushes the good stuff to the top so that Valve can select it to turn them into something that actually goes into the game.
So you could vote on this Cortex Command, a big glass tank on top of the Pyro’s head that shows you their brain. Or a frankly unsettling amount of crusty boils that have grown around the Demoman’s eye, probably not giving him his sight back but making everyone else wish they had lost theirs. Then there’s the Breakout Skull, supposedly from the Scout taking one too many hits to the head, where his skin has pulled back over his skull, showing off the gleaming bone beneath. It’s kind of gross.
There’s terrifying Richard Nixon masks, burlap sacks over your head, boots made from zombie skin, and Scream masks for everyone to wear. Clearly the TF2 community has already been working dilligently, and in fifty days we’re going to see some pretty impressive stuff.
My favourite, though, is the Ghost of Spooky Joe, which hovers over your shoulder and reminds you of his valiant simian sacrifice, while simultaneously reminding you of your crushing simian shame.

Taken too soon.