Valve spook Team Fortress 2 Workshop creators into getting prepped for Halloween


Last night, there was a TF2 Full Moon on. I could tell because I was driving home at about 8pm, and noticed the trees were cast in a blueish-grey light by the complete orb floating above them. Then a cow stepped out into the road, waving its huge head like an animatronics dinosaur, petrifying everybody aboard*.

The shock has changed me. Now I’m the Bear Grylls of videogames news, and find I can sense the next update coming. The taps are running colder. The sun is taking longer and longer leaves of absence and will be summarily fired by the end of the month. The clues are all around. It’s time to start preparing for Halloween in TF2.

Valve plan to ship an unheavenly host of workshop items for this year’s event. They’re asking community creators to submit ‘Halloween 2013’-tagged items for consideration – including old items that weren’t shipped in previous years. Their creations will be restricted for use during Halloween and Full Moon events in the future, so ought to be “creative”.

“The tonal restrictions we normally ask our Workshoppers to observe with TF2 items don’t really apply to a holiday where wizards and bomb books regularly attack from glowing skull islands,” write the dev team, “so if there’s anything crazy you’ve been itching to make, now’s the time.”

Last, crucial thing: Workshoppers need to remember to use the new in-game submission tool. Items that aren’t Gold Star certified are “the wrong kind of scary”.

Do you have any All-time-Hallows favourite wears you plan to whip out for the occasion?

*True story.