Valve tease Team Fortress 2 Halloween event with big comic, corpse wars and spookiness


Team Fortress 2 has begun gearing up for its annual Scream Fortress Halloween event, which could only ever be described as either a spooktacular ghoulfest, or maybe a scare-rrific frightbash. Either way, the thing is titled Grave Matters and the haunting update was revealed on the TF2 blog last night, promising to arrive shortly hereafter. Probably very soon, in fact. I don’t know, are you aware of any particularly spooky holidays coming up in the next couple of days?

This is the fifth such Halloween event, following last year’s Spectral Halloween Special and the previous year’s more literally titled Very Scary Halloween Special.

The Grave Matters teaser arrives in Valve’s own inimitable comic book style, describing an ethereal rivalry between embittered siblings Redmond and Blutarch that, following their deaths in the previous update, has carried on into the afterlife. There are clues galore to be plucked from the pages: pointers towards a game mode that involves chucking the opposing brother’s dead body into a pit dug straight to hell, references to skeletons and possessed books, and a phone number that would strongly imply a Halloween release date.

Good stuff! Ghosts are great fun, especially you’re pall-bearing the undead bastards into the depths of the underworld to settle paranormal property claims. Go read the comic, it’s lovely as ever, and then prepare your pants to be jettisoned clear off in the wake of the incoming Scream Fortress update.