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Working theory: are the new TF2 items related to the 2012 Steam summer sale?


Hold tight: we’re heading into the rabbit hole here. Today, a bizarre set of items began to drop for TF2 , including banana peel, goldfish, and pocket lint. We’ve got a theory about what’s going on. 

So: as this brilliant pastebin points out, all the items can be related to Telltale’s games. But you’ve got to wonder why all these items would appear so suddenly. Most of the items make some sense. Although the barn door plank is a bit tenuous.

When we say a bit: we mean a lot.

But here’s the thing – it’s summer, and summer means hot, wild parties, and crazy discounts on Steam games. Previous Steam sales have started around this time – they usually drop at around the end of June.

Here’s the theory: the items that drop in the next few days will be able to be crafted into vouchers which can be exchanged for discounts on other Steam games. Here’s the other part of the theory: any game that includes a Steam inventory will start dropping items that can be crafted together.

While we’d love to believe that the Mann vs Machine mode is close, we think there’s something else going on.

Take this as a warning. We think you need to set your wallet to Defcon 1. Deals are coming.