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The Aperture Science Portal VR demo is not exclusive to Vive

Portal VR

As the VR era dawns on us, a few people are understandably concerned about the idea of platform exclusivity. It’s something the PC has wonderfully avoided since forever, with players smugly watching exclusivity battles waged purely in console space. But with there being at least two big VR competitors soon to hit the market – Oculus Rift and HTC Vive – players are naturally worried that PC VR games may be exclusive to one headset. 

While that may still be the case for some software, Valve won’t be jumping on that train. Chet Faliszek has confirmed that the Aperture Science demo, based in the Portal universe, that has been shown off on HTC Vive, will also work on other VR headsets.

Faliszek was asked the question at PAX, and tweeted the response. They key thing seems to be that the demo requires motion tracking controllers. When playing on the Oculus Rift, the touch controllers will be required. The headset on its own isn’t enough.

This isn’t confirmation, but it certainly suggests that Valve doesn’t intend to make their own VR games platform exclusive to their own hardware.