The Artful Escape has you play a guitar astride a psychedelic dove

The Artful Escape

With every E3 there’s at least one game that makes you go “what?” The Artful Escape takes that honour this year, showing off  2D platforming where you strum a guitar in time with your jumps. 

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You strum a guitar because you want to make platforms appear. Or you might want to make fireworks pop out from the scenery as you land. Or maybe you want to pilot a giant bird plane with a galactic sail.

I don’t even know what words mean anymore. I also don’t know what the hell this is, other than a pretty platformer with dreamlike sequences and music.

See it for yourself in the trailer above. The only thing that’s for sure is its release date: it’ll be ready when it’s ready, as the trailer cheekily states at the end. Okay then.