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Ant-Man is coming to the Avengers

Look out for Hank Pym

In a final teaser at the end of its presentation, Square Enix revealed that Ant-Man will be coming to the Avengers. We hear the name “Hank” – Hank Pym – and see a shrink ray, so even without seeing the character in his suit, it’s pretty clear who he’s meant to be.

Exactly what role Hank Pym plays in the game remains to be seen. We know the core cast will be Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and Black Widow, but more playable heroes will be continually added to the game after launch. Ant-Man makes sense as a later addition, but we’ll be waiting for the Avengers launch date on May 15 before we’re poised to learn that much about what’ll come post-release.

The core cast features some recognisable voice talent including Troy Baker and Nolan North, and if the developers plan to fill out the Marvel universe from here there will be plenty more cast members from here.

The full presentation was light on gameplay, but the trailer is still looking solid.

Hopefully we’ll see more gameplay this week. At least we know an Avengers beta will give us an early chance to be heroic ahead of launch.