The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth released, launch trailer brings bottlecap button


There’s an artistry to just how gross Binding of Isaac trailers manage to be. The release trailer for Afterbirth, the latest expansion to one of the greatest roguelikes ever made, is quite tame in this regard, containing only some fleshy walls and button of the newly introduced greed rooms. The release marks an excellent time to jump in for old hands and new fans alike. Come take a look at everything being added.

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Of all the additions, Daily Runs are my most anticipated. While I’m well aware that my skill level at Isaac is floor-tier compared to many, having ground my way to every character beating both endgames rather than learning to dodge. However I do want to know I am better than my friends (who have maybe a 10th my playtime), just for the ego-trip. Cheers, Ed.

Extra items, rooms and combos are also greatly important. While there are probably a thousand hours of entertainment in the base version of the Rebirth remake, the layouts do get boring quite quickly. It’s also good to have more ultimate power scenarios to aim for than The Cat or The Flies too. Meanwhile, with over 500 collectibles in there now, no run should ever feel like another. A new character and new final boss rounds off what generally feels more like a sequel than a simple expansion.

It’s out now, available on Steam for £7.99 / $10.99 / €10.99, the pre-order discount having sadly ended.