Binding of Isaac’s best mods will be added to the base game every month, Afterbirth+ out within 60 days

Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ release date

The next Binding of Isaac expansion is fairly massive, as you’d expect at this stage, adding a host of enemies, items, bosses and tweaks as well as modding tools. In an announcement on his blog yesterday, creator Edmund McMillen announced that once the community is up to steam making new items and enemies with the tools he’s providing, he’ll be adding them to the base game. Between looking at Reddit and conducting votes via Twitter and likely elsewhere, the best community creations will be found and included for everyone to enjoy.

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As for why, McMillen explains that he has “personally scraped the barrel when it comes to item design and [I] feel quite depleted, but I’m positive that there are a ton of cool ideas out there that are so left field they MUST be added to the main game.” It looks like he’s planning on adding one a month, though doesn’t have a definitive start date beyond soon after the game comes out.

On that topic, McMillen also revealed that the game is on track to be released within the next couple of months. “We are currently in testing and finalizing achievements, but are running into some minor release overlap issues with the holiday rush. What I can say is AB+ will release in the next 60 days on Steam. The goal has always been to release at the very end of the year and are still shooting for it.”

That puts release some time between now and January 14. Isaac is exactly the sort of game to release on New Years Eve, Christmas Day or some other such wacky date, so keep an eye out for it during the holidays.

For a tad more, along with some new previews of the two games McMillen is working on next – Legend of Bumbo and Ouroboros – have a look at the blog.