The Binding of Isaac developer turns to community for expansion pack ideas

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is developed by steadfast indie porters Nicalis.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth may have enhanced an already super game, but developer Edmund McMillen doesn’t plan on stopping there. He’s turning to the community to offer up feedback on Rebirth and to suggest various new features that could be included in an expansion. 

If you want to get involved with the production of McMillen’s next release, now is the time to jump in and start commenting. 

“Now that you have experienced rebirth and know what it has to offer, I want your input on what you would all like to see in the expansion,” said McMillen in a new blog post.

A design document has already been created with the overall aims of the expansion, but the nitty-gritty will be created in collaboration with the game’s fans. The resulting expansion will add new bosses, enemies, areas, endings, and playable characters. It will create a new game mode that will double the amount of things players can do.

To start with, McMillen is looking for new item ideas. He’s offered up some guidelines to make sure the community only offer helpful, useful ideas to the pot.

1. Only suggest item effects, i’m not at all looking for item names/themes/visuals but only effects.


-a store item that rerolls the store and has a recharge of 3.

-a tear effect that turns your tears into…

-a trinket that makes a fart sound whenever you shoot

2. Do not suggest redundant items.


– an item that rerolls all items in the room with a recharge of 1

– an item like X but better.

3. Do not suggest overly complex items.


– an item that teleports you to the boss room but gives you one heart double damage and shows the map, but gives you 2 min to beat the boss before you die.

To submit your ideas, you need to jump on the Binding of Isaac Rebirth expansion Reddit post. Each Monday McMillen will be asking for ideas on different elements of design, so keep revisiting to continue lending a hand.