The Binding of Isaac’s creator is teasing new DLC

Binding of Isaac AB+

New DLC could be coming to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. In a FAQ published on The Binding of Isaac’s website, the game’s creator Edmund McMillen suggested that something new is in development.

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Towards the bottom of the post, which was published yesterday, McMillen addresses two questions about the future of The Binding of Isaac series. The first asks whether or not he’s considering a sequel to the game, to which he replies “truth be told, I tend to design sequels to projects I love pretty soon after release, sometimes those turn into totally new IPs, sometimes the ideas die.”

Given that Rebirth was first released in 2014, and has had a steady stream of updates since then, that might imply that no new projects are in development.

The next question asks whether Afterbirth+, the DLC that McMillen is currently working on, will be the final major update to the game. “I did say many times this was going to be the last Isaac DLC, and at the time I strongly believed it,” he says. “But there seems to be something pretty cool on the horizon, it’s creeping up slowly. It’s familiar but a bit different and it’s being held up by a group of people.”

What that DLC might be, when it might come out, or even whether or not it actually exists yet is very much a mystery at this point. That said, McMillen’s previous game, The End is Nigh, came out suddenly last year following almost no fanfare, so there’s a chance that that’s the same tactic McMillen is using here.