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What is the Binding of Isaac multiplayer password?

For each Binding of Isaac multiplayer beta period, a new password will be needed to gain access. We've got them all here so you can jump in.

The Binding of Isaac multiplayer: crying isaac

What is the Binding of Isaac multiplayer password? Every time you want to jump into the new beta feature of The Binding of Isaac which adds multiplayer, you’ll need to locate the opt-in password to gain access to the new features. Anyone who owns Repentance on Windows or Steam can join after following a few short steps.

The Binding of Isaac developer recommends backing up your saves, in case any bugs in the beta cause a loss of progress. While a full release for the new features is yet to be announced, the multiplayer functions will be available for two weeks out of each month. For each two-week period, a new opt-in password will be required, and we’ll regularly update our guide to let you know what that is.

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What is the Binding of Isaac multiplayer password?

The Binding of Isaac multiplayer alpha has been taken offline for the time being. In a statement on X, executive producer Tyrone Rodriguez confirms that the online multiplayer was hacked.

A tweet reads: “Hello! You may or may not know, the Isaac Online alpha test was recently taken offline, but you might not know the reason why.” The thread continues, “Someone took it upon themselves to hack the online version to play other modes, circumventing Greedier (this month’s test rotation) mode and shared how to do this hack with other players.”

When the multiplayer alpha returns, you must opt in with a special code. To opt in to The Binding of Isaac online mode and access multiplayer, you’ll need to have The Binding of Isaac: Repentance installed on Steam and follow these steps:

  • Right click the game in your library and select ‘Properties’
  • Click the ‘Betas’ tab and type the beta password above and check code
  • Click ‘Opt in to [beta branch name]’
  • You’ll see the branch name in the dropdown menu in the Betas tab

After successfully entering the password above without the quotation marks, your game will update and the next time you launch it you’ll see a prompt. Read and accept this, and you’ll see ‘Online Beta’ at the title screen, and ‘Online’ option in the menu.

If you want to leave the beta version of the game, follow the above steps and set the beta participation to ‘none’. You can read more about The Binding of Isaac multiplayer in our article.

Of course, with the beta only being live for two weeks out of the month, this password will work for a limited time only. As soon as we know the next one, we’ll update our guide to reflect this.

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