The Black Death is a job-heavy medieval survival game heading to Early Access next month

The Black Death

The Black Death is an MMO survival game set in the medieval era, around the time of one of the biggest outbreaks of disease in history. In real life, the titular plague killed millions of people all over Europe and the Middle East, thus survival here is hinged not only upon avoiding those out to get you, but by also besting the conditions forced by devastating pandemic. The Black Death is heading to Steam Early Access on March 15.

Some of our best sandbox games are set against equally compromising themes.

In order to get by, hunting, harvesting and stealing are a must while living in The Black Death’s 8km² open world that operates a day and night cycle. The land is inspired by Western Europe as it appeared in the 14th century, which the host of jobs at your selection reflects.

Everything has a price, we’re told, but will you farm the land as a peasant, or take anyone who stands in your way to task as a warrior in order to make ends meet? Perhaps you’re better suited to blacksmithing, or maybe trading as a merchant is your best bet. Whichever path you choose, “the wealthier, the richer, the stronger you become, the better your chance of survival.”

The following trailer explores life as a peasant, while giving us a peek at The Black Death’s UI and visuals:

The Black Death is due to release on Steam Early Access on March 15.