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The Blackout Club pits you against a town of deranged sleepwalkers

the blackout club

Some of the key players on BioShock 2 and Dishonored have banded together to make a 4-player co-op horror game. It looks properly creepy and as though it will play like little else.

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The Blackout Club only has a short trailer but its brief 40 seconds is quite the tease:

Horrifically contorting sleepwalkers try to grab you and your friends, dragging you down into tunnels beneath a night-wrapped town. Colour me intrigued.

According to the press release “The Blackout Club follows a group of teens who band together after learning they’ve all been temporarily losing consciousness – waking up in strange places with no memory of what they have done.” When they try to tell people about it no one believes them so what you’ll need to do as players is get evidence of this strange behaviour on camera.

It doesn’t sound like the sort of thing you normally do in a co-op horror game.

The game is built in such a way that it restructures itself on each playthrough so, while you may learn what is out there after repeated playthroughs, you won’t know when to expect it.

“Player characters will be customizable with a variety of powers and equipment loadouts,” the press release states. “Every member of the group will play a distinct role and utilize devices like drones or deployable traps to outwit their foes and gather evidence of their crimes. When the mission is complete, players will head back to the hideout, where they can level up and acquire new abilities for use on future outings.”

It all sounds quite bizarre and I can’t wait to learn more about it.