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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is free on Humble, and it’s time to let old wounds heal

the bureau xcom declassified humble free

It’s a lot tougher to be outraged at The Bureau: XCOM Declassified these days. Sure, an action-packed shooter isn’t what fans had wanted for all those years, but we ended up getting a real (and fantastic) XCOM strategy game anyway, and that was even followed by a very solid expansion and sequel. Maybe it’s about time to give The Bureau another chance.

Humble Bundle are providing just such an opportunity, as The Bureau is free for the next two days. Just hop onto the Humble Store and claim it for a free Steam key to redeem at your leisure.

I won’t pretend that The Bureau is a forgotten classic, but it is a nifty third-person shooter with some fun light squad elements and 50s alien conspiracy aesthetic that is still just lovely to see. Grab the freebie while it lasts, and give it a shot – you might like it. And if not, there’s always proper XCOM (or even X-COM, if you’re feeling old-school) to fall back on.