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The Day Before Discord explodes as players realize it’s not an MMO

The cat's out of the bag - The Day Before's Discord has exploded, with players calling the game an extraction shooter, not an MMO.

The Day Before studio closure: close-up of a heavily armed, beared man.

Players on the official Discord server for The Day Before are not happy right now. In all the madness of the game not working as intended, server crashes, and more, players have also realized The Day Before doesn’t appear to be an MMO after all but an extraction shooter. This goes against what previous teasers shown by developer Fntastic alluded to and clearly describes on the game’s Steam store page and official website.

In the wake of this revelation, the game’s Discord server has exploded with outrage, copypastas about the zombie game‘s state, and a general sense of chaos. Discord mods have turned on a 30-minute cooldown between messages to calm players, but nothing’s stopping them from expressing their disappointment there and elsewhere.

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“I was super excited for this game thinking it was an MMO, not an extraction-based shooter,” said one user on the server. “The fact I can’t even play what I was advertised in 2023 is a joke, not to mention the fact the developers KNOW it’s an extraction-based shooter and they’re advertising it as a completely different game genre is beyond disappointing.”

On a Reddit thread, one player talks about how the game’s Steam description says The Day Before is an “Open World MMO.” They added, “it actually says it in the trailer as well. Which… is not what it is at all…this game is a dumpster fire and I was one of the optimistic ones.”

The game now sits on ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’ Steam reviews. Fntastic hasn’t officially responded to the player reception so far, but once we have word from the developer, we’ll be sure to update you on what’s next for The Day Before.

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