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Is The Day Before Steam Deck compatible?

The Day Before has a hard time running on powerful PCs, leaving the Steam Deck with little to no chance of running the unoptimized game.

Is The Day Before Steam Deck compatible? It takes a truly brave soul to try and play a game like The Day Before on a device like the Steam Deck. However, there’s only so much that a state of mind can do, and resolving a mountain of technical issues simply isn’t one of them.

In its current form, The Day Before is highly unlike to end up on any best Steam Deck games lists, or any best of pieces for that matter. Worse still, this is without taking any problems relating to Steam Deck compatibility into account.

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Is The Day Before Steam Deck compatible?

No, The Day Before is not Steam Deck compatible. This is primarily due to the game’s use of BattlEye anti-cheat, which stops the game from starting at all on the handheld.

Even if developer Fntastic was able to rectify this, there’s still the poor optimization and constant crashes that plague The Day Before to deal with. If a midrange gaming PC can’t run it, what hope does the Steam Deck have?

We’d strongly suggest trying to play anything else on your Deck, especially given how poor The Day Before reviews have been.