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The Day Before is suddenly back on Steam, but don’t be fooled

The Day Before Steam page suddenly appears to be back, but this is not the infamous Fntastic extraction shooter, so don’t get fooled.

The Day Before Steam page fake: A character from extraction shooter The Day Before

The Day Before Steam page seems to have returned – at least, that’s how it appears at first glance. Having disappeared from Valve’s store in the wake of myriad criticisms and controversies, before being pulled offline entirely, Fntastic’s notorious would-be MMO (it was actually more like an extraction shooter) is ostensibly back, and cheaper than ever. A little investigation however reveals the new The Day Before Steam page is hiding some malicious secrets. If you thought paying for and downloading the actual game was a mistake, please, do not go anywhere near this ‘new’ version.

At one time, The Day Before was one of the most anticipated survival games in the world, promising a huge, persistent map, multiplayer, looting, shooting, driving, base building, and much more. What actually arrived in November 2023 was, well, it was The Day Before. The servers didn’t work. The small, enclosed maps were empty. The whole thing was barely functional. Soon, The Day Before was removed from Steam and everyone who bought it was given a refund. In January, the servers went offline, and TDB was dead.

Now, however – at least on the surface – The Day Before appears to be back. It’s got the trailer, all the right descriptions in terms of game type, developer, and publisher, and it’s even available at the not exactly tempting but arguably much fairer price of $5.99. Check under the hood, though, and this is something extremely suspicious.

The Day Before Steam page back: A fake Steam page for The Day Before

Until today, Thursday February 15, this Steam store page belonged to a completely different game called ‘Carrot The Cat.’ In the past ten hours, as of this writing, all the page details have been changed to create a semi convincing facsimile of The Day Before, but make no mistake – this is highly suspicious.

In fact, until Monday February 12, the Steam store description read – and I quote verbatim – “Welcome to the next chapter of the Grand Theft Auto saga – GTA Brasil! Embark on an exhilarating journey through the vibrant streets of Brazil, where the sun-soaked beaches meet the pulsating rhythm of samba.” I don’t think this is The Day Before.

The Day Before Steam page: Updates for a fake version of The Day Before Steam page

So avoid. Avoid, avoid, avoid. And instead, play some of the best multiplayer games available on PC, or maybe the best co-op games out right now.

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