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The Division datamining reveals 26 main missions, dozens of guns and DLC hints

The Division datamining

Datamining for The Division has begun in earnest just ahead of the official release, and the results are impressive. Reddit user itsgamerdoc has managed to pick out a mission count, details on upcoming DLCs, information on vehicles and a host of other bits. There’s even a complete weapon list, elements of the game’s script and hints at a prologue area in Brooklyn. Let’s dive in.

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There’s a meaty amount of stuff spread across a lot of different threads, but here’s the highlights:

  • There are 26 main missions in the base game. There are also some registered to take place in the Brooklyn area, rumoured to be a prologue before the main area of the game that was featured in the beta.
  • 138 weapons have been identified and most of them are handily listed on the fanwiki.
  • There’s also a spreadsheet of the various weapons plus their stats, gun attachments, talents and armours.
  • Various vehicles seem to be present, including a waterplane, a DLC mission titled ‘Kill The Tank’ and references to drones.
  • A faction called Bratva seems to have been cut from the game. Whether they’ll be reused later is unknown.
  • All the sound files have also been isolated, and make up the majority of this video after a little introduction. That’s getting into real spoiler territory, by the way.
  • On that same warning note, there’s also various boss and cutscene strings.

You can see all this in the most recent Reddit post. Alternatively, wait about 18 hours and the servers should be up with copies of the game unlocked, and you can see it all for yourself. We’ll have a review-in-progress for you as soon as tomorrow, but if you can’t wait it’s up on Steam or you can grab it via Ubisoft directly.