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The biggest mod for Morrowind celebrates 16 years in development, and counting

Screenshot of Morrowmind Mod

In the last 16 years, over 600 modders have contributed thousands of new assets – everything from art and music to complete towns and cities – to Tamriel Rebuilt, a community that’s constructing a mainland for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, whilst preserving the game’s creative vision and direction.

To celebrate 16 years of the community, the team has released a new teaser (above) showcasing the latest version of the mod.

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“Tamriel Rebuilt was formed on the Elder Scrolls forums with the goal of one day bringing the Morrowind mainland, and at the time the rest of Tamriel, to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind once it released,” the video descriptionstates. “Over 16 years later and the team at Tamriel Rebuilt, while largely changed, is still working hard and striving everyday towards that goal of making a unified Morrowind.”

Thought to be one of the largest Morrowind mods available, it offers you the chance to explore the mainland’s secrets, complete with quests, dungeons, and hidden treasure, “from the highest peaks of the Velothian Mountains, to the lowest swamps of the Grey Meadows, the barren flats of the Armun Ashlands, the maze of canyons of the Roth Roryn, and the fertile farmlands of the Thirr River valley”.

To get involved yourself visit Tamriel-Rebuilt.org, or head here to grab the latest build.