Fill a house with sweet rolls in free Homestead expansion for Elder Scrolls Online, out now

The Elder Scrolls Online

If you’ve ever dreamed about owning your own home, it’s now as easy as completing a simple tutorial… in The Elder Scrolls Online, that is. 

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The Homestead expansion has just been added for free to TESO on PC and Mac. Almost 40 instanced homes are now available for you to choose from, each styled after one of the game’s ten playable races. You’ll get your first house for free through an initial tutorial quest, and once that’s done, you can move up the property ladder to bigger and better digs.

Homes are instanced and come in various sizes, from small houses all the way up to mansions, caverns and even “a luxurious island retreat“. All your homes are shared across all your in-game characters, and you can add the personal touch to each of them by acquiring and placing more than 2,000 items via the new Housing Editor.

Furtniture and other decorations are available through in-game vendors and the Crown Star, but you can also craft your own using your characters’ crafting skills. Decorations range from the cosmetic to the practical, with combat dummies, crafting tables and assistants offering real utility to your in-game HQ.

Full details are with the patch notes here, andcheck out the trailer above for a look at the houses you can get. We like the Redguard and Nord homes, especially the latter’s healthy stock of sweet rolls. Best make sure no-one steals those.