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This Skyrim mod gives you an “immersive Bethesda.net experience”

Please connect to the internet to continue

Bethesda recently put out the original three Doom titles on modern consoles, but there was one notable caveat: you had to log into Bethesda.net to play them. That was, of course, wildly unpopular, and the company has since announced plans to reverse the requirement. While the internet was mostly very mean about the (admittedly bad) situation, there was one genuinely fun result.

The ‘Immersive Bethesda.net Experience’ mod for Skyrim will replicate the login issues many Doom players had in the company’s seminal open world RPG. With the mod installed, a few seconds into the opening cart ride, you receive a message saying “A Bethesda.net account is required to play this title. Please connect to the internet to continue.”

Click OK, and the message will repeat five times, then dump you back to the main menu. I think we’re due for an update to our list of the best Skyrim mods. And don’t worry, it’s available for both SSE and standard Skyrim.

As modder d3sim8 notes, “this mod is specifically tailored to providing Skyrim users with an authentic modern Bethesda experience.”

You can see it in action through the video above.

Bethesda tweeted plans to change the login requirement over the weekend, but those updates have not yet gone live. For now, these mods still offer the most immersive experience.