Skyrim mod adds a fast food joint

A pair of fans have created a new Skyrim mod called Burger Jarl that adds a fast food inn that's stuffed with all the snacks you could ever hope for

Skyrim mod burger jarl - an NPC stands in an inn ready to serve

A new Skyrim mod gives the classic PC game what it's seen precious little of over the years – a fast food restaurant. Sure, you can stuff your gob with all the sweet rolls you want, but you're out of luck if you fancy unloading with a Big Mac after slaying a dragon. As ever, though, modders have now come to the rescue.

Hrodeberht1 and Bella's Burger Jarl mod adds a new fully functioning inn between Whiterun and Rorikstead – it's close to the Broken Fang Cave if you're still struggling to place it. Once you find it, you can head on in and order something off the menu. You've got chicken nuggets, shakes, and the Big Jarl, which is essentially a big cheeseburger. Burger Jarl is far from a lonely place, though, as there are heaps of staff, such as a crab called Eugene who runs the ride-through stall.

Funnily enough, this isn't the first time Hrodeberht1 and Bella have brought some fast food to Tamriel. This other cheesy mod sends a necromancer to your location with a big ol' pizza, but only if you ask them nicely.

Anyway, here’s a serving of Burger Jarl in action.

YouTube Thumbnail

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Image credit: Nexus Mods / Hrodeberht1 and Bella

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