This audiobook Skyrim mod narrates the game’s lore as you play

Listen to an audiobook about the lore of Skyrim as you play it with this mod

There are hundreds of books to read in Skyrim, but between battling dragons and exploring new lands, reading a block of text is the last thing I want to be doing. But a dedicated fan has created a mod that turns most of Skyrim’s books into in-game audiobooks, so you can listen to the lore of Skyrim as you play.

The mod is called ‘Audiobooks of Skyrim’ and its creator, Bassna, describes it as a way to “greatly increase your immersion” and learn more about the deep lore of Skyrim on the go.

When you open up a book, journal, or note, a menu will pop up prompting the voice over. Select ‘play audiobook’ and its contents will be read out loud. There are also options for ‘stop audio’ to stop the voiceover, and ‘read manually’ to read the book as normal.

The mod currently has 560 audio files of voice recording with Bassna commenting that “there are around 100 still needed, mostly small notes”. These will be added in future updates.

Books in Skyrim are a way for the player to learn more about the lore and history of Tamriel, as well as granting quests, accruing certain skill points, or marking locations on the world map. They take many forms – documents, letters, journals, short stories, recipes, and notes.

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