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Skyrim mod prototype opens the world up for cooperative multiplayer

Skyrim coop mod Tamriel Online

The Elder Scrolls went officially online for the first time last year with The Elder Scrolls Online, which you can now play subscription-free in the form of Tamriel Unlimited. The MMO isn’t for everyone though, but if you want to play Bethesda’s massive RPG Skyrim with a buddy, then prototype mod Tamriel Online looks to be your best bet. 

There have been multiplayer mods for Skyrim before, but often they’ve tried to push more of an MMO angle on the game. Tamriel Online is purely based on a co-op experience, with one player acting as host and inviting others to their game. You can download and apply it right now, but it is a prototype and still has a lot of work to be done.

“I can’t really confirm that there’s no horrifying problems until I’ve gotten some more feedback,” says Redditor and mod creator Siegfre. Thus, right now he’s asking for players to download and test the mod, and offer ideas and bug reports.

Whilst the mod is naturally buggy, it is also right now quite lacking in features. Questing and actual combat are not included right now (fighting creatures will only be seen on one person’s screen), so at this moment in time Tamriel Online is purely for exploration. A fantasy tourism simulator, if you will.

Check out the video abive from YouTuber BroDual above to see the mod in action. Despite being so limited right now, the mod does offer genuine co-op, which is quite an achievement.

Thanks, Polygon.