This Skyrim mod is basically a Nord city-building sim with you as jarl

This Skyrim mod starts you off with a shed and tasks you with working your way up to your own noble fiefdom.

skyrim noble mod

There are hundreds of fantastic mods out there for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, from small graphical fixes to entire new areas and adventures. There are also plenty of mods that add housing to the game, from small huts to giant castles – but this one tasks you with building an entire fiefdom out of a tiny little shed.

The latest version of Skyrim modder Locaster’s LC_Build Your Noble House expansion is out now, and it’s a little different from all the other housing mods out there for the game – this one forces you to work for it. It starts you off as a peasant with a single shed, and from there you have to build up until you have your own castle, and town filled with NPCs that you rule over as noble lord.

You can pick up the LC_Build Your Noble House mod over at Nexus Mods here. It certainly sounds like a city-building game, except done from the ground level – and is another example of the incredible ambition of some of these Skyrim modders.

You don’t even have to do everything yourself either. After gathering materials to build all these things you can get NPCs to work for you, or rent out buildings, and they’ll produce money or resources. You can add mines, woodcutters, blacksmiths etc, all to speed up construction so you don’t have to gather and build everything yourself.

Then eventually you end up with your own castle and your own little fiefdom within Skyrim. Other features include being able to make your own honey, family crests, traders, your own guards, treasure room, and best of all – your own bathtub.

It’s all very clever and is certainly worth trying out if you want a new experience in Skyrim. Will it make it into our list of the Top 100 Skyrim mods around? It’s certainly a strong possibility.