Skywind ‘Revive’ trailer shows promising progression in the quest to re-envision Morrowind

Skywind Skyrim Morrowind

The community-built modding team behind Skywind, the Skyrim overhaul mod that recreates Morrowind, has put out another progress update in the form of a very tasty looking trailer. Work continues on fleshing out the most famous landscapes of Vvardenfell, such was West Gash, Bitter Coast and most importantly, the now giant and looming Red Mountain.

We’ve got the trailer below, so your tantalising excitement for its highly anticipated release can forever continue.

As a heavy player of Morrowind, nothing makes me happier to see that the vast and monstrous Red Mountain, is now actually a mountain, instead of a measly hill.

If you’ve yet to hear of this mammoth undertaking, then listen up. The team behind Skywind entirely consists of volunteering community members, who are working for free. With that in mind, the team is always looking for new members to help with the development, so if you’re handy with texture work, baking (not that sort of baking) or colouring – all within Max or Maya – then you should drop them a line.