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Skywind’s got some pro-sounding voice talent recording 40,000 lines

Skywind voice acting

Skywind, the mod that’s bringing the whole of Morrowind into Skyrim’s engine for what is essentially a HD remake, has recruited over 100 voice actors to record dialogue for the game. The mod team have shown off a few examples, and it’s all pretty professional feeling.

As noted on the Skywind blog, Morrowind had a limited use of voiceovers, probably due to the huge amount of dialogue in the game. The mod team have cut a certain amount of lines from the game, but assure us that “any lines cut were mostly mere repetitions,” and that “reactions and responses to situations outside player interaction have been increased.” NPCs will now hold conversations with each other, something that didn’t happen in Morrowind.

The team have been busy revamping Morrowind’s dialogue, of which there is 40,000 lines to re-record. So far though the results are exceptionally promising, and it looks like Skywind will be every bit as immersive as we hope it will.

Also on the audio side, the soundtrack has been composed, and now includes new combat music that is made up of a ‘main track’ and ‘finale’; the main track starts up when combat is initiated, and when everyone is dead the finale will play and then transition back to atmospheric music. It’s similar to how dragon battle music worked in Skyrim. You can see the samples in action in this video.