The latest Unofficial Skyrim Patch brings two dozen more fixes for SSE

Skyrim launched over half-a-decade ago, and it’s still getting fresh patches and bug fixes. Naturally, mods like the Unofficial Skyrim Patch are similarly getting updated to stay current, providing fresh updates to keep the game running smooth. The Skyrim Special Edition version of the unofficial patch just got a big update, so consider this your PSA to go download it.

The full list of changes include a lot of small fixes and changes. Pantea Ateia no longer greets you with “good evening” at inappropriate times of day. Birna won’t offer to sell you a Coral Dragon Claw after you’ve already bought it. Sven no longer tells you to go talk to Alvor if the latter is dead – it turns out Sven was checking to himself for death, which wasn’t useful for anyone.

You’ll be forgiven if you don’t remember the specifics of individual quests enough for those details to stand out, but the full list of new stuff in the change logs notes about two dozen fixes that’ll make your next Skyrim experience a little less buggy. An official patch for SSE predated the new unofficial one, but look how short those patch notes are. Gosh.

You can grab the download from Nexus Mods. The Unofficial Skyrim Patch remains one of the game’s most popular options – it’s naturally a mainstay on our list of the best Skyrim mods – whether we’re talking about the true original or SSE. If you’re eyeing another replay, you know where to go to make sure your experience is a good one.

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