Elder Scrolls Online is giving away One Million Dollars to a lucky player

Elder Scrolls Online Million Giveaway

Do you play The Elder Scrolls Online? If not, you may be tempted to start, thanks to the new Million Reasons To Play campaign Bethesda are holding. Those reasons? One million slips of green, also known as the ‘buck’, or ‘dolla’. $1 million in your bank account. That’s a heck of a PC upgrade, right there. 

We’ve got a list of the best MMOs on PC right here. None will turn you into a millionaire though, sorry.

Ok, so the Million Reasons To Play aren’t actually the dollars. Bethesda have been getting players to submit their own personal reasons to play Elder Scrolls Online, which you can see going on under the hashtag #MillionReasonsToPlay on Twitter. But the $1 million prize fund is certainly influenced by that, and may be the big push behind you suddenly deciding now is the time to play a subscription-free MMO with middling reviews.

So how do you get involved? Well if you’re a resident of the USA, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, or the UK, then you’re eligible to enter. Oh, you need to be ‘of age’ in your country, so 18 or over in most cases. If that’s you, head over to the ESO Million Reasons To Play website and fill in the form by January 10th 2016. You then need to log into the game and play before January 10th, too.

And that’s it. If you win, $1 million is yours. It’s paid out over 20 years, in $50,000 installments. You could essentially give up work, if you fancied.

There’s a runner up prize too, but don’t get excited: it’s 3,000 Crowns to spend in the in-game store. 1,000 runners up will get their digital hands on that.

Will you be creating an Elder Scrolls Online character to take part in this mad giveaway?