Share The Matrix with a pyscho photographer in The Evil Within 2’s new trailer


Stefano Valentini is a pretty twisted dude. Hunted by the law in real life, he’s fled into a place called STEM, which is a bit like The Matrix if imagined by Freddy Krueger. Given how malleable STEM’s reality is, it’s a bad place to share with someone as screwed-up as Stefano – so guess where you’re stuck in Bethesda’s forthcoming horror sequel, The Evil Within 2. 

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As returning protagonist Sebastian Castellanos, you’ll not only have to deal with the horrific creatures native to STEM, but also with human freaks like Stefano who’ve found their way in. Helpfully, Sebastian’s daughter, Lily, is somehow important to dominating STEM, so everyone’s out to get her.

Check out the trailer above to get to know Stefano – Bethesda say he’s “an artist with dark proclivities and unbounded imagination” fond of making “moment of death” tableaus that capture the last seconds of a person’s life – their most beautiful and vulnerable, in his view – in a tangible, looping scene.

The Evil Within 2 will launch worldwide Friday the 13th (get it? It’s a spooky date), October 2017. For more scary trailers and sinister screens, check out the Steam page. You can pre-order the game there for £39.99 ($59.99), if you fancy.