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The Evil Within 2’s latest trailer gets very Old Testament

The Evil Within 2

Bethesda have released another new trailer ahead of the release of The Evil Within 2. This time around, the video focuses on Father Theodore, the game’s enigmatic religious figure.

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Father Theodore is brought into The Evil Within’s STEM World alongside protagonist Stefano. While there he sees the new world as perfect for moulding according to his vision. As a result, he seems to have developed a literal god complex. I’m not kidding – he literally calls himself a god in the trailer, which you can watch above.

Sadly, he does not seem to be a kindly, benevolent god. Instead, there’s an awful lot of Old Testament talk about obedience, and quite a lot of fire. Given that Father Theodore is on the hunt for Stefano’s daughter Lucy, hoping to use her to further his preaching, that doesn’t bode particularly well.

The trailer is pretty story heavy, so there’s no new gameplay to see, so instead why not read about some of the terrible things we encountered in The Evil Within 2?