Enigmas of The Evil Within explored today in The Consequence DLC

The Evil Within

There’s been a laudable trend at Bethesda to take DLC very seriously indeed. We got a whole Daud-driven (and arguably superior) second campaign out of Dishonored, and the same is happening for The Evil Within.

Last month saw the release of The Assignment, which had players look through the investigative eyes of Sebastian’s partner Juli Kidman for the first time. Part two is out today and named The Consequence. Can you feel the air of finality?

Kidman was an enigma in the main game, and has remained such even after hours in her company. Players are yet to discover the motivations of the character they’re controlling, which is an intriguing prospect.

Like Daud’s Dishonored campaign, Kidman’s adventure tackles a familiar timeline from a different perspective. The Consequence will answer some of the questions regarding Juli’s whereabouts during the events of The Evil Within.

In the process, it’ll flag up new enemies and new evils – and explore Kidman’s connection to Mobius, the group reportedly behind all the nastiness with the blood and barbed wire in the main campaign.

You can find The Consequence on Steam– as part of the £14.99 season pass or terrifyingly alone for £6.99.Did any of you lot climb inside Tango Gameworks’ box of horrors first time around?