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The First Tree, a poignant game about a fox, breaks the top 100 on Steam Greenlight

The First Tree

If you like short but sweet adventure games, with beautiful aesthetics and a soulful message, we’re here to tell you about The First Tree, which has just broken the top 100 on Steam Greenlight after only ten days.

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Creator David Wehle penned athank-you notefor the dramatic show of interest, and answered a couple of FAQs (there will be support for an Xbox controller, it may come to Linux in an initially shaky form, and you can’t help test it).

If you haven’t heard of The First Tree, it will focus on the parallel stories of “a fox trying to find her missing family, and a young couple dealing with a tragedy in theirs”, so says the blurb on itswebsite.

Players will take control of the vixen as she searches for her cubs, and discover stories from the couple’s life as the two journeys become intertwined. The game finishes at the titular First Tree, the source of life, and “perhaps results in the understanding of death.”

You can learn more on the game’sSteam page. The images you’ll find there and the teaser trailer above suggest an experience similar to Shelter. You’ll solve puzzles, explore achingly beautiful environments and do some light platforming as you evade enemies and hunt for clues.

The First Tree has an estimated release in early or mid 2017, and will have “an inexpensive price point” in the region of $5 US.