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Gorgeous time-puzzler The Gardens Between hits PC alongside consoles

the gardens between pc release date

The Gardens Between made an impressive debut at Sony’s Paris Games Week presentation earlier today, showcasing some gorgeous art and animation alongside Braid-style time puzzles. But don’t fret over its presence at a PlayStation event, PC fans – The Garden Between will be hitting computers alongside the console version in the third quarter of 2018.

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The puzzle adventure features two characters named Arina and Frendt, who journey through dreamworlds filled with puzzling objects. Making progress means manipulating time to make sure they solve those puzzles, and doing so will open up a narrative telling of the pair’s friendship and exploring themes of childhood, just as we all need in these trying times.

This will be developers The Voxel Agents’ first full-sized game after a handful of mobile puzzlers, most of which were trained theme. Their big platform debut looks very promising, and will be releasing across Windows, Mac, and PlayStation 4 next year.