Tim and Phil finally do battle in The Last Leviathan as our Let’s Play reaches a dramatic finale

the last leviathan let's play

The PCGamesN YouTube channel is an ever-expanding hub of fun, and nowhere is that more evident than in this final chapter of Phil and Tim’s bitter, bloody duel in The Last Leviathan. Whose absolutely dreadful ship will prevail as they finally do battle?

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Episodes one and two can be watched below if for some inconceivable reason you missed them. To get you up to speed: Tim and Phil both built boats in The Last Leviathan, a physics-based sandbox a bit like Besiege with boats. They don’t know what the other one’s building, but must prepare the most deadly vessel their skills allow.

They’re not exactly experts, but to be honest that just makes the whole thing that much more entertaining. ‘Comedy gold’ is the phrase, we believe…

In episode three, it’s time for the two majestic creations to do battle on the high seas. If you’ve been following the series so far: the results are very surprising. We’re not just saying that: there’s boat-on-boat humping and actual flight. Check it out at the top of this very article.

Here’s episode two:

And here’s that pilot ep for those that missed it:

If the game looks like it’s your kind of thing then you can check it out in Steam Early Access right now.

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