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The Long Journey Home gets easier with its Story Mode update

Long Journey Home Story

Following its release earlier this week, many complaints about the space roguelike The Long Journey Home have concerned the difficulty of making it back to Earth in one piece. To assuage some of these travel complaints, developer Daedalic Entertainment have released a new ‘Story Mode‘ for The Long Journey Home.

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Aimed “primarily at new astronauts”, The Long Journey Home’s Story Mode makes the galaxy a lot friendlier, where alien races are less hostile and resources are abundant. More planets feature “Earth-like conditions” and dangerous weather conditions have been toned down, so you shouldn’t lose as many crewmates due to hostile environments. Your planetary Lander can now take a lot more punishment when exploring a new world, and it is easier to establish a stable orbit while flying the mothership.

Resources sell for more on the galactic marketplace, and aliens are also more generous when it comes to bartering for credits. If you do meet your end, there is now the ability to rewind time to rectify a particularly costly mistake. Overall, Story Mode offers a gentler experience for those who just want to explore the universe of The Long Journey Home, with less suffering and death. Adventure Mode is still recommended as the default difficulty setting though, but the option is there for those who are really struggling to get back to Earth.

Story Mode is not the only addition in this update, as Daedalic have also introduced a bunch of general quality of life improvements to The Long Journey Home. A new laser targeting module has been added to increase the combat efficiency of your ship’s weapons and devices now require additional confirmation before they are destroyed. This should stop players accidentally destroying a useful device while doing basic inventory management. Native full-screen support has also been added, if you aren’t one for using the standard Borderless Windowed mode.

More fixes and tweaks are planned for The Long Journey Home, with Daedalic encouraging players to sound off in their Discord about any pressing issues. If you’re interested in making The Long Journey Home, it is still 10% off on Steam, going for $35.99/£30.59.