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Simon Miller is here to crush your hopes and dreams for games in the new year

The Miller Rapport anticipated games

Did you wake up yesterday feeling strangely giddy? Do you find yourself suffering from a slight sense of weightlessness? What you’re experiencing is hope – for 2017 and for another year of videogames. Don’t worry, though – PCGamesN’s resident expectation manager, Simon Miller, can help you with that.

Looking forward anyway, against Dr Miller’s advice? Here are our most anticipated PC games.

In this week’s Miller Rapport, he’ll wring the optimism from you and leave you hanging ringside like a limp towel. The procedure should leave you feeling hope-free, though side effects can include a ringing in the ears caused by prolonged exposure to shouting.

Among the anticipated games in Miller’s sights are Space RPG 4, Open World Game 100 and Con-Artistry 3 – although he also finds time for a takedown of Kickstarter economics. By the end, you’ll be incapable of anticipating anything beyond your next breakfast.

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