Nobody cares Final Fantasy 15 and The Last Guardian aren’t on PC – The Miller Rapport

Miller Rapport Final Fantasy 15

Oh look, Simon Miller is angry again, what ever could have set him off? Turns out it’s PC gamers being snubbed by Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian. Not to worry though, as Miller is here to shout reasons why they’re both absolute tosh at you until you give in and accept he’s right.

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So why exactly shouldn’t we feel hard done by the absence of these games on PC? Well, for starters, what the hell even is that dog thing in The Last Guardian? And why isn’t Brum in Final Fantasy XV?

To use Miller’s words: “We don’t need this drivel, we don’t want this drivel, and quite frankly both are insulting to the human race!” Harsh words indeed, but harsh words that we’ll take seriously for fear of angering him and his sculpted physique.

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