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Simon Miller arrives on PCGamesN with… The Miller Rapport. Yes, really.

Miller Rapport Episode 1

He’s the face of straight-talking, one-more-repping games journalism, and he’s back to tell all you nerds why your opinions are rubbish. Yes, Simon Miller returns to your screen in a new series for PCGamesN called The Miller Rapport – yes, The Miller Rapport – and he’s starting by taking aim at Gears of War 4. A real game. One that you’re completely wrong about.

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Developed a taste for having your viewpoint aggressively shaken loose from you while the enormous hands of a shouting man force a new and different one in its place, have you? Great. You’ll be delighted to hear that Simon Miller will be reporting in – sorry, Rapporting in – at this time every week with a new video. If you don’t know the score… then you probably didn’t watch his last video series. Can’t remember what that one was called.

Simon has a Patreon that you can donate to, if you want to help him to continue making great videos like this, and make sure that one day, everyone knows the score.

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