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Why you should play World of Warcraft with a controller, and more gems in The Miller Rapport episode two


You know what you’ll never see in Simon Miller’s hands? Lots of things, actually. Bees. A high-carb, low-protein food source. Dumbells weighing less than 34kg. But less likely than any of those: a mouse and keyboard. In episode two of The Miller Rapport – yep, we’re still calling it that – the eponymous mechanical switch-ophobe takes aim at PC titles that you’d be better off playing with a controller. 

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And by ‘better off playing’, we of course mean… well, we’re scared to say because Miller becomes physically violent with those who defy him. Instead we’ll just list some of his suggestions: World of Warcraft. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Arma III.

With your world torn down and subsequently rebuilt in Miller’s own magnificent image after having watched this vid, there are a few things you can do next.

Firstly, go and give him some money on his Patreon page to keep making excellent stuff like this. Next, check out episode one:

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