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The Mortuary Assistant movie adaptation is in the works

The Mortuary Assistant movie is happening, DreadXP announced just one month after the horror game - its most successful yet - released

Mortuary Assistant movie: A man's mouth is probed by a dental tool

A Mortuary Assistant movie is in the works, horror game specialists DreadXP announced in a press release. DreadXP and its parent company Epic Pictures Group – not affiliated with Epic Games – are producing the film, which will be a live-action adaptation of the Mortuary Assistant game, developed by DarkStone Digital and published by DreadXP. The film has no release date, but DreadXP said Jeremiah Kipp (Draw Up and Stare, Slapface) will direct the film.

“There’s a quiet, unnerving intensity to The Mortuary Assistant that creeps into the player, creating a sense that something terrible could happen at any moment,” Kipp said. “Writing the adaptation, I wanted to celebrate all of the game that terrified me as well as create a companion piece to it — honoring the dense creepy world developer Brian Clarke (DarkStone Digital) made and translating it into the visual storytelling and character driven horror of narrative filmmaking.

The Mortuary Assistant follows a new, well… mortuary assistant, freshly out from college with a degree in mortuary science and settling into a new job embalming bodies – and fighting off demons. This isn’t your typical mortuary, and there isn’t a typical playthrough either. One of the things that endeared The Mortuary Assistant to players is its structure, which changes just enough in each playthrough that DreadXP promises you’ll never feel safe.

The game released quite recently, in August 2022, though Epic Pictures Group CEO Patrick Ewald said it’s already one of DreadXP’s most successful games.

“The world Brian Clarke created is rich with lore and the perfect subject to expand upon with a live-action feature film,” Ewald said. “DreadXP’s parent company Epic Pictures Group is already in a prime position to make that happen, having financed, produced, and distributed over 100 films over the past 15 years.”

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