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The Norwood Suite is what happens when you turn jazz improv into a videogame

The Norwood Suite

It’s nearly October and you know what that means: weird junk. It doesn’t get much weirder than The Norwood Suite, a new game from Greg Heffernan, better known as musician Cosmo D. It’s an extremely odd non-linear adventure game set in a neon, low-fi hotel. You can get a glimpse at it above ahead of its planned release of October 2.

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It isn’t actually Cosmo’s first game, with Off-Peak releasing in early 2015. That was a similarly strange, low-fi adventure set in a huge train station. Swapping that for a hotel appears to make the NPCs more varied, among other changes.

The Norwood Suite is also upping in price from Off-Peak’s zero dollar ask to $9.99, or local equivalents. Extra complexity is the reason, at least based on the above dev diary, and also why Cosmo’s got a publisher and more of a plan this time around. It’ll be on Steam, GOG, and itch.io once it’s in the wild on Monday.

Given the soundtrack is likely a key part of the experience, given who made the game, you can listen to it for free over on Bandcamp, and buy it pre-emptively if you’re particularly fond.