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91% rated co-op horror game to launch grotesque limited time event

The Outlast Trials, a mix of Alien: Isolation's grim horror and Dead by Daylight's desperate multiplayer, is launching its first limited time event.

91% rated co-op horror game to add limited time event: A man in night vision goggles from The Outlast Trials.

Outlast never really seemed like it would be able to make a smooth transition into becoming a multiplayer game. The first two horror games, sharing DNA with Alien: Isolation and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, are frightening in large part because they make players feel utterly alone in an unfathomably terrifying situation. Still, the move away from solo design represented by The Outlast Trials has gone over very well, creator Red Barrels’ latest garnering praise and attracting players through the success of its Dead by Daylight reminiscent premise and, as today’s news continues, a steady cadence of updates.

The horror game‘s upcoming addition is a limited time event called Toxic Shock that brings new ways to die horribly in the late 1950s set corporate laboratory that serves as The Outlast Trials‘ setting. The evil Murkoff Corporation’s latest tests see players, as Murkoff’s hapless subjects, put through what Red Barrels calls “an expert in the symbiotic action of chemically induced pain and permanent damage.”

In practical terms, this means Toxic Shock will see players needing to hide from deadly gas that’s pumped into the environment while also trying to collect nearby rats whose bodies can be traded for extra in game rewards. Toxic Shock will also feature general game improvements, a storyline told through new evidence documents, and special, event themed rewards.

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The Outlast Trials’ Toxic Shock event kicks off next Tuesday April 16 and will be available until May 7, 2024.

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