The Piano is a horror game about mental illness in post-war Paris


Mistaken Visions have announced their inaugural title The Piano will release exclusively on Steam next month.

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The Piano is a dark and unsettling indie horror which sees you take on the role of a failed pianist, searching for answers to his brother’s murders on the streets of post-war Paris.

The Piano is not your average horror game. Part noir-influenced murder mystery, part survival horror the title focuses on the true horror of struggling with mental illness in a time when it was not widely understood.

“Five years ago I had the idea of making a horror game that wasn’t just about the scares, but which featured a deep and personal story that players could become emotionally invested in,” The Piano creator, Jonathan Stemmildt, says. “It was my first game and I never really expected much to come of it – but suddenly, something I dreamed about for years is becoming reality, and time is just flying by. It feels great.”

The Piano will release exclusively for Steam on May 24.