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The Quiet Man is a blend of movie and game that “can be completed in one sitting”

the quiet man e3 announcement

Square Enix just announced an original game called The Quiet Man. It’s scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4 and Steam, and features a blend of live action cutscenes with brutal melee combat, all starring a deaf protagonist in a gritty urban setting.

The trailer opens in live action, with a guy in a hoodie walking down a busy urban backstreet – which appears to be in the middle of New York City. He heads down an alley to meet three thugs drinking nonspecific beverages and threatening our apparent protagonist. He doesn’t respond to the threats, pointing to his ear, implying that he’s deaf.

From there, things go quiet as we switch from live action to live gameplay, with a brutal up close brawl taking place between our hero and the thugs. It’s difficult to glean too much from the quick shots of gameplay, but we do some combos and counters alongside cinematic close-ups of the action.

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Apparently “cinematic” is the key word, as The Quiet Man blends “high-production live action, realistic CG and pulse-pounding action gameplay,” according to Square Enix’s official description. The game is set to be a short one, as the publisher says it “can be completed in one sitting.”

We’ll find out more about the game this August. (There’s no apparent relation to the John Wayne film, for the record.) Check out the trailer below.