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Obscure Ubisoft strategy game suddenly launches on Steam

Overlooked and underloved, an obscure strategy game from Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry creator Ubisoft has suddenly arrived on Steam.

The Settlers New Allies Steam: An idyllic village from Ubisoft strategy game The Settlers New Allies

Well, here’s a nice slice of news out of nowhere. Between Millennia, Civilization 6, the upcoming Frostpunk 2, and wishlist chart topper Manor Lords, you’re probably feeling spoiled for choice when it comes to strategy games right now. But there’s another obscure, overlooked, and underplayed city builder and quasi RTS that you should definitely try out. Created by Ubisoft, seemingly as a little side project next to Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, and Rainbow Six, it’s quietly just shuffled over to Steam, where you can get it today.

The Settlers: New Allies is a city builder, strategy game, and RTS rolled into one. A reboot of the erstwhile Settlers series, which first premiered in 1993, New Allies offers you control over one of three factions, and challenges you to build a medieval civilization from the ground up. You start with nothing but a small skeleton crew of followers, and have to scrounge for the most basic and meager of resources. Later, however, The Settlers spills into large-scale warfare, which you command in real-time while strategically managing your burgeoning society back home.

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First launched back in 2023, until now, The Settlers: New Allies has only been available on PC via the Epic Games Store and the official Ubisoft Store. But as more games from the Ghost Recon and Division studio slowly appear on Valve’s store, including Far Cry 6 and Watch Dogs Legion, which both made the move in 2023, it makes sense for The Settlers to follow in kind.

Colorful, stylish, and with a superb story-driven campaign, although it’s far from perfect, The Settlers is a neat strategy game experiment perfect for when you’ve exhausted all the big hitters. If you want a change from Civilization or some time off from Age of Empires, as of today, Tuesday March 26, you can get The Settlers: New Allies on Steam. Just head right here.

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