A major Sims 4 update lets “accidents” kill your neighbours

A Sims 4 Neighborhood Stories update gives the system more autonomy, and lets sims you're not controlling die in various "accidents"

Sims 4 Neighborhood Stories update: logos suggest the effects Neighborhood Stories can have on your world

A Sims 4 Neighborhood Stories update makes a host of changes to allow for more dynamic things to happen to those sims that you’re not directly controlling. The Neighborhood Stories system was introduced last year as a way for sims outside your household to experience life events like having a baby or develop a relationship, and this update will deepen that system dramatically.

NPC sims will now be able to die in “accidents”, as the devs explain in a new blog, which will depend on “risk factors such as age, traits, and careers”. (I’m just using the quote marks for dramatic effect, there’s no implication of murder here.) Sims could already die of old age when you’re not playing them, but this will make the causes of death much more potentially dramatic.

If you don’t want dramatic deaths, however, new customisation options will let you decide which households can be affected by which types of Neighborhood Story option, and you’ll also be able to disable Neighborhood Stories for a given save altogether. If you do want to use the feature, you’ll be able to check in on recent interactions by looking at any mailbox.

These sorts of changes can now happen autonomously for all neighbour sims, whether or not they have a connection to the household you’re currently playing.

The devs also announced a new kit focused on maximalist aesthetics called Decor to the Max. It launches on March 21.

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